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         Past Wounds - Book 1

After Sixteen Years Apart, Senior Sergeant Arianna Hart and Commander Lachlan Brooks are thrown back into one another's paths accidently.

Lachlan finds early retirement when his best friend is pulled back into his life with the piercing shot of a bullet when he stumbles across her undercover during a case one night.

When Lachlan leaves the life of Special Forces behind to become a Detective, how will Arianna cope with having him back in her life and in her unit?

When a body of a young man is discovered in a bin compactor outside of a shopping center that links ties to an orphanage, how will a young boy's tears help solve the case?

Can Southport’s Finest Homicide Unit solve this case without killing each other? Or will Past Wounds affect the case?

This case takes them on twists and turns they didn’t see coming and a trip down memory lane which Arianna would have rather left in the past.

Up Coming

Book 2 - Title Reveal coming soon

Senior Detectives Sergeant Hart’s team step into the world of lies, murder and betrayal when an undercover police officer is attacked and left for dead while posing as an exotic dancer. 

When evidence starts leading to Australia's most nefarious mob, the DiNozzo’s. Arianna and Lachlan's sudden disappearance puts headquarters on high alert. 

Will the rest of the team be able to save them in time?

Join Arianna Hart’s team on the hunt as they follow the evidence that leads them to a cold case that exposes family secrets and love lingers in the air for more than one couple.


Will they all come out unscathed?

Book 3 -  Title Reveal coming soon

Our favorite team of Homicide Detectives is back with a case that hits close to home with Wyatt when a body turns up on the beach because of some advice that he gave in his advice column ‘Ask Molly’ that he moonlights at.

Meanwhile, Devon, Alexis, and Ava get put in the crosshairs when a fellow student brings a gun to school and holds up his class containing his bullies. Will everybody get out alive and unscathed?

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